Suite 1 Level 1 Lift 2 - The Block Arcade 3000 MELBOURNE, VICTORIA (03) 9650 4711


Bob VAN DER TORREN was the first ever photography student to graduate with an ASSOCIATE DIPLOMA IN PHOTOGRAPHY ILLUSTRATIVE at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1964 and is a  Honorary Life Member of the AIPP ..

He launched his photography business on May 1st 1978 by setting up VAN DER TORREN BLOCK ARCADE STUDIO in the prestigious BLOCK ARCADE formerly known as Austin Murcott Studios. There Were 10 photographic businesses at a time in the BLOCK ARCADE Including the early "Kodak Store" and "City Studios" which produced street photography as people passed the BLOCK ARCADE.

VAN DER TORREN was one of the earliest photographers to take true color portrait and colour wedding photographs. 

All the photographs were taken and printed almost exclusively in the VAN DER TORREN darkrooms in the Block Arcade. The studio and darkroom were moved several times within the BLOCK ARCADE.   

The VAN DER TORREN team take pride in what they do from the humble passport photographs [mini portraits] to their “New Master Camera Portrait Sequences”. All photographs are important irrespective of size and purpose.

With the advent of digital technology the VAN DER TORREN team did it’s homework, studied thouroughly, experimented, and is now one of Melbourne’s finest photographic studio’s for all custom framing, passports, portraits, corporate and photographic restorations jobs.